Friday, October 15, 2010

Free "We've Been Booed" Printable!

Have you ever been "BOOED"? I found out this Halloween tradition has been around for a while but we have never encountered it in our neighborhood - so I thought I'd get it going! 

Here's how it works:
You make a yummy treat for 2 of your neighbors. Wrap it up with a pretty ribbon and attach the free printable "booed" sign. Your neighbor will have instructions to post the sign in the window or on the front door so other neighbors will know they've already been booed. Then, they will make copies of the sign and  make new treats for 2 more neighbors. Pretty soon, your whole street will have been "BOOED"! 

The TomKat Studio made some cute "We've Been Booed" signs and you can print it for free HERE.

Wouldn't it be fun to start this Halloween tradition in your neighborhood?


e_donaldson said...

love this idea! I'm going to give it a whirl since we're new to the neighborhood. Hope it catches on! Posted a link to your post on my craft site here:

Thanks so much for sharing this fun game!

kyle * krystin said...

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