Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swap outgrown kids' clothing with Thred-Up!

I was just introduced to this wonderful site called ThredUp. You can browse box listings of gently-worn kids clothing and when you find one you like - it's yours! You only pay shipping. Then, when you need to get rid of some outgrown clothes, easily build boxes of kids clothing to be picked by other members of thredUP. Here's an example of how it would go:

  • Sort your kids clothing by making groups of the same size, season(s) and gender (this is so the person receiving a box can use all of the items for their Child)
  • If you'd like, separate by clothing item type (tops and bottoms) and brand. Try to keep outfits and matching items together.
  • Order 100% FREE boxes from the USPS (it's easy, they help, but it's required)
  • Stuff USPS boxes with your organized groups of used kids clothing.
  • Tell us about the clothing in each box in our "Build a Box" template.
  • List your box and then wait for another member to pick it up! The other person pays the shipping.
They make it much easier than Ebay - no auctions, no bidding - just pick the box you want and it's yours. Click HERE to read more about it!

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