Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get Creative with Scrapbook Paper!

Today, let's take a look at scrapbook paper. It's cheap & it comes in hundreds of colors and patterns - from whimsical to elegant. It helps you create beautiful scrapbook pages and journals. But, let's get more creative. What else can we do with it?  Here are some ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.

Line the inside of jars with the paper to create cute storage containers!

For an easy and cheerful birthday decoration, make a chain out of brightly colored paper. These papers come in themes for boys and girls so there is something for everyone!

Line a clear drawer organizer with different patterned paper. Cut paper to fit each compartment. Use 2 sided tape on the back of the paper to hold in place. So cute!

Use as book covers. Coordinate the paper with your decor.

Make Artwork. Don't just put your memories in scrapbooks. Put them on the wall for all to see!

Cover soup cans in scrapbook paper to make stylish pen and pencil holders (great gift idea for Dad).

Covering a paint can in paper is a clever way to wrap a present. Add some paper to the lid and you've created a very unique package!

In what other ways have you used scrapbook paper?

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