Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deal of the Day: 288 Crazy Bands for $23.99!

Ok - I REALLY do not  get the fascination with the Silly Bandz. They are rubber bands for goodness sake! But, like every other kid in America, mine are obsessed with these things! All the stores around here are totally sold out. Graveyard Mall has a great deal - get 288 crazy bands for $23.99. I ordered some on line a while ago and they weren't nearly these cheap. This should last you all summer! 
Click HERE.


Amy Walker said...

So funny. I just found out about this fad. I feel so old...I'm in that bracket though...almsto 10 years out of college and have a little baby...I guess when she gets bigger I'll be in the know again ;)
Found your blog on Happily Frugal's blog list. I love frugal blogs. Just started one:
I'll be following ya!

Frugal Life Project said...

Yes, you'll be "in the know" soon enough! It's so funny how these fads catch on like wild fire! Thanks for following me - I'll follow ya back!

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