Tuesday, June 22, 2010

$39 tickets on Southwest Airlines!

Don't book any flights for the summer until you check this out! For the next 3 days, Southwest Airlines is celebrating with a Birthday Bash Sale, offering tickets from just $39. Tickets must be booked by June 24th! For details, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I am promoting your blog this morning on my blog: http://cpeezers.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/tantalizing-tuesday-tango/ Not that I have a million readers - I don't, but I am just enjoying your blog so much. I use stumble too, and I "discovered" your blog this morning. Hopefully it will start to show up when people do their stumbles! (I am not sure exactly how that works.) Anyway, I have just been enjoying your blog. I set up a Mickey Mouse call for my son - thanks for that!

Carol said...

Thanks so much - I so appreciate it. I'm gonna hop over and check out you blog!

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