Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More ideas to make the last day of school special!

Ok - I found some more ideas for the last day of school. I have to show you photos from other people because I haven't done the "last day of school celebration" before and have no past photos! But just wait...I'll have a ton of pictures to show after this school year is over!

I found these ideas at everythingispink.blogspot.com
• Decorate your child's lunch sack for the last day 
• Make a "Last Day of School" t-shirt. Send them to school with a fabric marker and all their friends can sign the shirt! You can make these shirts by using t-shirt transfer paper that you can find at any craft store. You just run the paper through your own printer and then iron it onto the shirt. Simple! I will make mine in a couple of days and I'll post them for you all to see.
Are these fun ideas or what???

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