Friday, May 21, 2010

Free "Keep in Touch over the Summer" cards for your kids!

I have been sharing ideas on how to make the last day of school special and memorable for your kids. Here is a way for them to not lose contact with any of the friends they made over the last school year. I made these "keep in touch" cards (business card size)  that you can customize by writing your child's name and contact info. Make enough for the whole class and send them with your child on the last day of school. Your child (or teacher) can hand them out to everyone so no one feels left out. Print these on nice heavy paper and they will last all summer long! Click HERE to print.

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Megan said...

This is a really cute idea. I picked up my neice from on her last day of school and actually were handed a few of these personalized cards. This summer, I'm keeping my kids connected by giving them cell phones! One of the parents at school introduced us to Tracfone's family plan where I can get up to 4 lines for $30/month. Totally affordable and it gives me such a great peace of mind to know everyone is a call way. It's going to be a very HOT and BUSY Summer!

Carol said...

Thanks for the tip Megan!

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