Thursday, May 20, 2010

Food for Thought

It costs about $25 for a family of four to buy a meal at a typical fast food restaurant. Averaging just two trips per week, the total comes to $50. Continuing the pattern each week over the course of a full year comes to $2600. Enough for a nice vacation, right?
A daily fast food lunch runs at least $5; in a typical five day work week, that’s $25. Over the course of a year, $1300. Just for lunch. Just for one person. How many people in your household might be doing that?
At mid-priced restaurants—Appleby’s, Ruby Tuesday, etc, $40 for a couple is pretty standard. Done weekly over the course of a year exceeds $2000. For a family of four it doubles to $4000. Four thousand dollars?? That’s starting to look like an annual grocery budget for a typical family, and all we’ve satisfied is one meal per week.
Do we really enjoy the food we eat at restaurants...or are we just lazy, in a hurry...or both? Try to plan ahead so you don't rush out to the local burger joint at the last minute. Ask everyone in the family what their favorite "restaurant" food is and then make it at home together. It really will be worth it when you see that extra cash in your bank account!

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