Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Mother's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your own Words- $10.39

A Mother's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words

This mother's memory journal takes you on a journey that will become a cherished family memoir. Designed in a 12-month format, each month features 12 intriguing questions with space to write a personal answer. Questions explore family history, childhood memories, lighthearted incidents, cherished traditions, and the dreams and spiritual adventures encountered in a lifetime of living. Her written words become windows to a mother's heart.

This is a great idea for Mother's Day. It is much more personal than a blouse or flowers. This will be something that can be passed down for generations to come. I bought my mom one a couple of years ago. Now I need to fill one out for my kids:) It is currently on sale at Amazon. Click HERE.

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