Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frugal Tip: Don't throw away money on Self-Storage Units

Self storage is a good idea when used temporarily. But when you keep your stuff in one for years and years, you are literally throwing thousands of dollars away. When is the last time you looked in all of those boxes?
One reader from told this story:
"I just cleaned out my storage unit that I have had for 7 years. (I think I opened it when I moved from the townhouse to my apartment.) What a bunch of crap! I saved a couple boxes of books I’d been missing, and some high school stuff I pulled out — medals, trophies and plaques. So, I did the calculations on what this storage unit cost me. 7 years = 84 months times approximately $120 a month = over $10,000!!!!! I am flabbergasted I spent so much on storing what was basically crap. It’s just so easy when it’s $120 a month. Think of what I could have done with $10,000! That’s a costly uncluttering lesson!"
If you have a self-storage unit, consider taking the time to clear it out and save yourself a good amount of money.  You can sell it or donate it to charity. You'll be amazed at how good you will feel for your accomplishment. If the idea of cleaning out the space overwhelms you, hire a professional organizer to help you. The fee you’ll pay to the professional organizer will be less than what you would pay to continue storing your stuff.

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